The Object of the Season (III): Terra Sigillata

Terra sigillata, also known as Samian ware, or red slip ware, is a type of Roman pottery that was the most popular from the 1 st century BC to the 3 rd century AD. It is characterized by its red or orange color, fine smooth texture, and often decorated with relief patterns and applied ornaments. Terra sigillata was widely used for tableware and decorative items in the Roman Empire and is considered a significant archaeological find for understanding Roman culture and trade. It is a true index fossil whose mere presence denotes the more or less intense degree of Romanisation of a region.  It was produced in various regions of the Roman Empire, with different styles and designs, such as Arretine and Padan (North Italy), South Gaulish and East Gaulish, as well not so much known sigillata produced in Pannonia, Hispania, North Africa etc. 

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