8000 years of continuous living


Location of future Roman town of Colonia Aurelia Cibalae was already inhabited for more than 6000 years when Romans founded their town in early 1st c. AD within territory or their allies, Late Iron Age tribe of Scordisci who at the time occupied the region.
Cibalae are completely under the modern town of Vinkovci and remains of this important limes supply centre and birthplace of two emperors, Valentinian I (364-375) and his brother Valens (364-378), are visible in museum and presentation centre with in situ presented wall of Roman granary (horreum). Vinkovci Municipal Museum is also future host of Late Roman silver hoard found in Vinkovci in 2012. Cibalae continued their life after the fall of Rome as home of various Germanic, Avar and Slavic groups.
With over 8000 years of continuous living Vinkovci are one of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia and Roman history is being brought to life in Roman days festival being held every second weekend of June.

Vinkovci Municipal Museum. Trg bana J. Šokčevića 16, HR-32100 Vinkovci, Croatia 

How to arrive

By Plane:

– Zagreb Airport 268,9 km

– Belgrade Airport 157,2 km


By Motorway or Train:

– From Zagreb via the A3 motorway (273 km) or train

– From the Republic of Serbia (Sremska Mitrovica/Sirmium is 83,4 km away)