Exhibition: More than pottery

18/01/2024 – 24/04/2024 | Ruta Vía de la Plata - Spain

Exhibition: More than pottery
The pottery trade through the Hiberus

In the Roman age, the Hiberus River was navigable from the city of Vareia (Logroño) to its river mouth, developing there an intense river trade where the pottery played a crucial role in both directions.

This exhibition features a selection of pieces from the museums and institutions located in Aragón, La Rioja, Pais Vasco and Madrid. These pieces show different aspects of the daily life in the Ebro’s valley between the I and III centuries: leisure, religion, tecnology, trade and gastronomies.

Pottery is much more than just a container; it is an object where products are stored, made, served or used as support for consumption. Pottery tells stories, that not only need to be read but also listened to, because pottery comunicates with us.

This exposition is the story of some of them.

Biga’s race vessel
Gaius Valerius Verdullus
End of the I centuy. Slipware pottery
Romanization museum. Calahorra

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